Sophisticated products from Japan. Please come to our company!

  • TSF Sophisticated products from Japan Please come to our company!
  • TOHATSU COIL SPRING  A pioneer of coil spring in the world with the experience of over 80 years  receives a favorable reputation in EU countries with ISO 10243
  • CHEMIS PLASTIC SCREW  An expert of plastic screw manufacturer in Japan with the history of 50 years  The PEEK material (Polyether ether ketone) screw is the best in the world
  • AUTO CATCHER  Solving various problems of very bad productivity and shortage of safety  with operation of conventional air blow and manual
  • PATA AIR GUN  The rotating shock wave nozzle leads intermittent shock wave extensively  through high speed rotation at liquid spraying outlet

Why CHEMIS Plastic Screw?

  • Why CHEMIS Plastic Screw?
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