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Why CHEMIS Plastic Screw?

Global Trends PA → PC Screw

We would like to recommend PC screw instead of PA screw in case you don’t want to have deformation due to “temperature” and “humidity”.

PA→PC Screw

1 : PC>PA precision-wise

PA is more changeable due to “temperature” and “humidity”

PA is more changeable due to “temperature” and “humidity”

2 : Comparison between PC and PA

PC Screw specification
Continuous use temperature



UL94 V-2


Insulation and drying resistance


Light electrical appliance / Appearance parts
Gears, bearings, door rollers, pipes, clothing,
synthetic fibers, Abrasion resistant products

PA Screw specification

As is well known

3 : Japanese Market of CHEMIS PC screw

pie chart

It has been about 50 years since CHEMIS started manufacturing PC screws.
CHEMIS was well aware of the weaknesses of PA and hence has not started manufacturing PA screws. Even now, PA Screw is not manufactured by them.
The graph shows the monthly sales volume of PC screws in the Japanese market of CHEMIS.

Note) Although PA screws have the majority to be used in the world, PC screws are gradually being used in place of PA screws. The reason is better accuracy.


We recommend CHEMIS Plastic Screw
instead of PA (Nylon) Plastic Screw.

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