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Why CHEMIS Plastic Screw?

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CHEMIS has Plastic Screw with so many variety of material. It is only CHEIMIS in the world. We recommend CHEMIS Plastic Screw instead of PA (Nylon) Plastic Screw.

Material Overview

Polycarbonate / Continuous use temperature 115℃ / Flammability UL94 V-2

PC is a non-crystalline engineering plastic. It has excellent impact resistance and balanced mechanical properties and electrical properties. Moreover, because it is transparent and self extinguishing, it is used in wide range of fields such as electrical and electronic area, automobiles and medical.

Glass-fiber-reinforced polyamide MX D6 / Continuous use temperature 105°C / Flammability UL94 HB

RENY is a crystalline engineering plastic re-inforced with 50% glass fiber with polyamide MXD6 as the base polymer. Among all plastics, it has the highest strength and coefficient of elasticity. Moreover, due to its excellent oil resistance and heat resistance, it is used in transportation machinery parts such as automobiles, general machinery, precision machin- ery parts, electrical and electronic equipments parts and civil engineering and construction material in place of metals.

Polyvinyl chloride / Continuous use temperature 35°C

PVC is excellent water, acid, alkali and solvent resistance, PVC is used in water distributing pipes. PVC is inferior heat resistance, it generates hazardous substances like chlorine gas upon combustion.

Polypropylene / Continuous use temperature 65°C / Flammability UL94HB

PP is a leading crystalline general purpose plastic. With the specific gravity of 0.9, it is lightest among all general purpose plastics. Moreover, due to its excellent chemical resistance, hydrolysis resistance and electrical properties, it is used in wide range of fields as a plastic with large range of applications. It is frequently used as a replacement material for PVC (poly-vinyl chloride), which has recently come under scanner due to dioxin generation.

Per fluoro alkoxyalkane / Continuous use temperature 260°C / Flammability UL94 V-0

PFA is a thermoplastic fluoro resin with excellent chemical, electrical and machine charac- teristics. Chemically it is a highly stable material and it is not affected by most of the chemicals. It is the most suitable material for semiconductor industry where periodic exposure to highly active chemicals is required.

Ceramic (Alumina) / Continuous use temperature 1500°C

Ceramic is widely used as general ceramics in large machinery parts and precision machinery parts due to its abrasion resistance, very high hardness and stable dimension. In addition, it can be glued to metals with heat treatment. Also, it is widely used in semiconductor equipments due to excellent corrosion resistance and absence of out gas in high temperature gases.

Polyamide6 (6Nylon) / Continuous use temperature 65℃ / Flammability UL94 V-2

PA6 is a crystalline engineering plastic. It is a strong material with small coefficient of friction. Despite of that, it has excellent resistance to abrasion and self extinguishing properties. Since it is also oil resistant and chemical resistant, it is suitable for machine material. However, one drawback is that its high hygroscopic properties must be considered during design.

Polyphenylene sulfide / Continuous use temperature 200℃ / Flammability UL94 V-0

PPS is a crystalline super engineering plastic. It has excellent thermal resistance, and its properties hardly deteriorate even when using for long time under high temperature environment. Moreover, it has excellent chemical resistance, mechanical properties, electrical properties, and dimensional stability, and it is widely used in electrical and electronic parts, automobiles parts, chemical machinery parts etc.

Polyether ether ketone / Continuous use temperature 180℃ / Flam m ability UL94 V-0

PEEK is a semicrystalline super engineering plastic with the highest level of performance. Concentrated sulfuric acid is the only general purpose chemical in which PEEK can be dissolved. Moreover, it has excellent heat resistance, abrasion resistance, flame resistance and hydrolysis resistance, and it is used in various fields like OA equipments, automobiles, IC wafer carrier and LCD manufacturing jigs.

Polyimide/ Continuous use tem perature 300℃ / Flammability V-0

PI has excellent heat resistance, excellent abrasion and wear resistance and friction performance under high pressure and high speed scraping, lowoutgas properties under high vacuum state, excellent chemical resistance and machine characteristics, extraordinary dimensional stability (no melting point and glass transition point), as well as low electrical conductivity. 

Polytetrafluoroethylene resin / Continuous use temperature 260℃ / Flammability UL94V-0

PTFE is a key resin in fluorine series of resins. It is inactive to most of the chemicals and solvents. In addition, it can be widely used in the fields of chemical, electrical, mechanical and aviation due to its excellent electrical characteristics, nonadhesiveness and lubricating properties.

Polyvinylidene-fluoride / Continuous use temperature 150℃ / Flammability UL94 V-0

PVDF is a balanced engineering plastic with excellent performance and molding workability like general purpose resin. It has excellent resistance to chemicals and weather, and it is used in various fields as electronic materials of binders for lithium-ion batteries, fishing line, strings of musical instruments, bulb and lining of electrodes.

Polyacetal / Continuous use temperature 95℃ / Flammability UL94HB

POM is a crystalline engineering plastic. It has balanced mechanical properties and excellent fatigue resistance, creep resistance, friction and abrasion resistance and chemical resistance. Therefore, it is widely used in fields like electrical machineries, automobiles, machineries and construction in place of metals.


We recommend CHEMIS Plastic Screw
instead of PA (Nylon) Plastic Screw.

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