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Maeda “3in1 Multi Dry Filter” & “Mag Catch Filter”

Maeda “ Mag Catch Filter MGCF-100” for collecting and discarding fine Iron powder(0.05µm)

Product Overview

mag catch

Mag Catch Filter MGCF-100

Large particles to the bottom by their own weight. Small particle  Internal structure by magnetic force Catch! Remove bowl and Throw away easily!  A cover equipped with a strong magnet (14,000 Gauss) is attached to the main body.

Mag Catch Filter catches and removes small fine iron powder contained in machine tool cutting oil. If fine iron powder is contained, fine scratches may be attached to the machined surface. If Mag Catch Filter is installed, the one-pass collection efficiency of 5-10μm is about 85%. The minimum supplemental particle size is 0.05μm. Maintenance can be performed simply by removing the cover with a strong magnetic force. Large iron powder particles can be thrown out of the bowl. There are no consumables. Effective when used in cutting, grinding, electrical discharge machining, shaving and cleaning machines.


Filter model : MGCF-100

Application fluids : Water and Oil
Max. pressure(MPa) : 1.2
Max. temperature(℃) : 50
Max. flow rate(l/min) : 70
Collecting capacity(g) : 500




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