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  • Tohatsu Coil Spring

    TOHATSU coil spring in Japan is a pioneer in the world with the experience of over 80 years and the founder of JIS standard and the coloring. ISO standard is based on ISO 10243 and receives a favorable reputation in EU countries as well as Brazil, South Africa, Russia etc with world wide scale.

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  • Air Gun “Pata Gun”

    Pata Gun utilizes its unique Pulse Wave Motion to provide revolutionary features such as 'Scrubbing Action,' 'Hammering Effects,' and resistance 'Against Coanda Effects.' It stands out as an innovative Air Gun capable of effectively removing dust and water from surfaces that are challenging for traditional Air Guns, Air Knives, and Ionizers.
    Ultimately, Pata Gun contributes to approximately 80% energy savings and CO2 reduction, aligning with SDGs (Sustainable Development Goals)."

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  • Chemis Plastic Screw and Spring

    Since 1965 CHEMIS has started their production of Polycarbonate (PC) Plastic Screw instead of Polyamide (PA) and is now manufacturing plastic screw with all kinds of material including Polyether ether ketone (PEEK) that is only CHEMIS in the world. “CHEMIS” MARK is a brand of Plastic Screw.

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  • Chemis KYOUJIN (Super Strong Plastic Spring)

    Tensile rupture force of M12 bolt, over 17000N(3822 lbf).We have created a strong bolt that has been our long-cherished desire.High-strength plastic bolt "KYOUJIN" that overturns the concept of plastic screw that is weak.Only M12 is currently available. M10 will be available as early as 2023.Please contact us if you have a desired size.

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  • Maeda “3in1 Multi Dry Filter” & “Mag Catch Filter”

    Specialized manufacturer for filter for compressed air and for collecting and discarding fine iron powder.
    -3in1 Filter for ultra clean air : Compressed air produced by compressor has convenience and has various application. But if compressed air is dirt, it causes a big trouble in Machine tool, Food industry, Painting, Measuring instrument, Semiconductor etc.
    -Mag Catch Filter is for collecting and discarding fine Iron powder(0.05µm) coming out from Cutting, Grinding, Shaving and EDM

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  • Auto Catcher

    “Must Products” for Compound Die (Zusammengesetzte Werkzeug)

    Auto Catcher is a part unloader for Compound press die and is only one available in the world. Auto Catcher solves various problems of very bad productivity and shortage of safety with conventional operation of air blow and manual.

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  • Tohatsu Taiwan

    It is the parts which are manufactured in Taiwan and is same as Japanese one technical- and quality-wise. The difference is Price. Their parts are evaluated in the world. You are requested to try once to use their products.

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  • A/C Bed (Air Conditioning Bed)

    Forced exhaust of sweat and heat with twin fans! Air flows inside the bed to exhaust unpleasant heat and moisture. It Inhales from the head side and exhausts from the foot side.

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