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Chemis Plastic Screw and Spring


Product Overview

PVDF_Image PVDF_chart
  • Continuous use temperature: 150℃
  • Flammability: UL94 V-0

PVDF is a balanced engineering plastic with excellent performance and molding workability like general purpose resin. It has excellent resistance to chemicals and weather, and it is used in various fields as electronic materials of binders for lithium-ion batteries, fishing line, strings of musical instruments, bulb and lining of electrodes.


  • Values in the table are for reference purpose only, and they are not guaranteed values.
  • Please use torque driver or torque wrench for fastening. Recommended fastening torque is 50% of breaking torque value under actual use conditions.
  • Since heat resistance and chemical resistance changes according to use conditions, ensure to test under actual use conditions beforehand.
  • Since pitch misalignment of screw may occur during molding, use it in combination with the nut made of same material. (If nut is not used, ensure that clearance with screw is 21 mm or more)
  • Black spots (sludge) may appear on the external surface. However, this has no impact on performance.
  • Gate residue of screw head is 0.2mm or less.
  • Discoloration to some extent may occur depending on lot and various conditions.
  • Size available in stock, configuration and manufacturers of raw materials used may change without any notice.

Product Lineup


Cross recessed pan had screw


Cross recessed flat head screw


Hexagon head bolt


Hexagon socket head cap bolt




Hexagon nut

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